Enabling Climate Risk Investments in Developing Countries

4 months, 2 weeks ago


In a recent blog article, Global Parametrics CEO Hector Ibarra urged investors to make use of commercial opportunities and invoke transformational change in low-income countries by investing in climate risk innovations. In recognition of recent progress of the political and private sector, new insurance models should complement traditional insurance models to help build resilience against floods, droughts and storms in low-income countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


In the specific case of Global Parametrics, the British startup combines empirical, statistical and physical data to circumvent analytical restrictions of traditional insurance models. Thus, their goal is to develop risk transfer instruments for “previous blind spots” in low-income developing countries and for vulnerable communities. Partly reassured by the Natural Disaster Fund, private investors have the chance to invest into such innovations to improve access to financial inclusion. Thereby Hector Ibarra insists that investors should factor in the returns but also the potential social impact of their investment.

To find out more on how Global Parametrics helps to build markets for natural disaster risk management, visit their website: http://www.globalparametrics.com

To read the blog post, you may follow this link: http://www.globalparametrics.com/blog/driving-prosperity-in-low-income-countries-by-re-thinking-climate-risk




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