Conclusion of the Alliance on Climate Risk Transfer Solutions in December 2018

9 months ago


After over three years runtime, the Alliance on Climate Risk Transfer Solutions developed by GIZ and Swiss Re is coming to an end in late December 2018. 

The Alliance has hosted 4 cross-regional workshops and 13 national seminars on topics of climate risk insurance and disaster risk management. Moreover, the Alliance was particularly involved in various activities in ASEAN, China, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda to advance national climate risk transfer strategies. These activities were diverse and designed for each country / region. We end this project knowing that in each countries interests and capabilities have been advanced and pushed forward to the benefit of the peoples and to sustain economic growth. We are hopeful that in the future such early efforts to advance the financial resilience of countries will unfold and come to fruition.

The following website will remain active until Mid 2019. Please kindly be advised that project leader Dr. Alexander Jäger will remain available for any inquiries via 

GIZ and Swiss Re will continue to invest in the topic of disaster risk management and climate risk insurance, especially given the tragic prominence of the topic in the past decade. To make sure you stay updated on relevant insights and industry trends, you may visit and follow our colleagues at InsuResilience, ACRI+, and A2ii




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