Vivid discussions and great progress at Agriculture Insurance seminars in Kampala

10 months, 2 weeks ago

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After facilitating a stakeholder dialogue in Kampala in 2017, the Strategic Alliance on Climate Risk Transfer Solutions has visited Uganda for a second time. Hosting two capacity building seminars on Agriculture Insurance from the 16th to 17th and 18th to 19th October 2018 respectively, the goal was to enhance capacities on the decision-maker level as well as on the operational level. The seminars were organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, and were explicitly designed for each target group. In total, over 80 participants from 30 relevant institutions contributed to the discussions and ideas exchange.

The seminars addressed challenges, operational tasks, and next steps of the Uganda Agriculture Insurance Scheme. By incorporating interactive group exercises next to the educational content, participants could directly apply their gained knowledge.

The first seminar aimed to discuss the vision and long-term plans of the UAIS and to develop commitments and objectives on the way forward. Consequently, the list of relevant stakeholders included representatives of four public ministries, four banks, and eight additional key institutions. Over two days, the participants gathered in working groups to systemically analyse and work on the issues at hand and to discuss progress and potential of the UAIS. In order to facilitate the joint outcome, participants were introduced to the basics of risk management, the requirements for insurance and best practices from other countries.

The second Capacity Building Seminar was held on the following two days. Districts and Insurance Companies were invited to send their commercial and technical officers to the seminar. The goal was to increase knowledge and communication capacities to better advocate and consult on agricultural insurance products. To fulfill the objectives, participants learned about agriculture risks, indemnity and index insurance, as well as claims processing and the consultation of farmers.

The Government of Uganda and ten insurance companies developed the Uganda Agriculture Insurance Scheme to increase affordability of agriculture insurance and to mitigate the effects of climate risks. The public-private partnership subsidizes insurance premiums and is administered by the Uganda Insurers Association, while overseen by the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. In its first year, the scheme already paid out 4 billion UGX (932.000 Euros) to 12.000 farmers.

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